Statement of Solidarity with Palestine from Faculty of Color for an Anti-Racist NYU

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We, the undersigned members of Faculty of Color for an Anti-Racist NYU (based at NYU Washington Square) and allies are committed to anti-racism and struggle against structural and systemic racism in the context of settler colonialism at NYU and beyond. These commitments guide our relationships with NYU departments and programs in NYC as well as across the world. Our collective principles, which speak to key dimensions of racial justice and NYU’s policy of non-discrimination, have led us to a policy of non-cooperation with NYU Tel Aviv. 

Israel has a long-standing record of settler colonial violence and dispossession, including discriminatory policies against Palestinians, persons of Arab descent, persons of Muslim heritage, and those who support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and related positions of dissent. Discriminatory laws and routine limits on Palestinian mobility also prevent Palestinian students from enrolling in higher education institutions in Israel. These systematic policies have led international human rights organizations to declare Israel’s system of rule as apartheid. 

In recent weeks, Israel’s brutal military action within Israel and Palestine has escalated effects of longstanding discriminatory policies. These actions have already killed hundreds, injured thousands and destroyed many civic institutions, including schools run by the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) and others.

In this context, we call on the NYU administration to ensure free and open discussion and debate about Israel, Palestine, the BDS campaign, and any other related matters on all NYU venues and by faculty and students. Secondly, we pledge non-cooperation with the Tel Aviv program until the Israeli state ceases its military campaign and takes action to end discriminatory policies that limit Palestinian students’ access to education. We will refrain from faculty collaborations with NYU Tel Aviv, as well as engagement with the study abroad program in Tel Aviv.  

We encourage our colleagues across campus to make a similar commitment in the spirit of NYU’s policies of inclusion, non-discrimination and equity. 

If you are an NYU faculty, student, worker, staff, alum, or community member, or represent a campus group that wishes to endorse this letter, please join us in this pledge. Click here to add your name.

Faculty Signatories

  1. Sinan Antoon, Associate Professor, Gallatin 
  2. Mohamad Bazzi, Associate Professor, Journalism
  3. Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Professor, Gallatin
  4. Miriam Margarita Basilio Gaztambide, Associate Professor, Art History and Museum Studies
  5. Michelle Castañeda, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies
  6. Paula Chakravartty, Associate Professor, Gallatin and Media, Culture and Communication
  7. Kwami Coleman, Assistant Professor, Gallatin
  8. Marie Cruz, Clinical Associate Professor, Gallatin
  9. Arlene Dávila, Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis
  10. Subah Dayal, Assistant Professor, Gallatin
  11. Elizabeth Ellis, Assistant Professor, History
  12. Ada Ferrer, Silver Professor of History
  13. Jacob Farber, Associate Professor, Wagner and Sociology
  14. Tejaswini Ganti, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  15. Gayatri Gopinath, Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis
  16. Asli Iğsiz, Associate Professor, Middle East and Islamic Studies
  17. Natasha Iskandar, Associate Professor, Wagner
  18. Arang Keshavarzian, Associate Professor, Middle East and Islamic Studies
  19. Dipti Khera, Associate Professor, Art History and Institute for Fine Arts
  20. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy, Associate Professor, Sociology of Education
  21. Ritty Lukose, Associate Professor, Gallatin
  22. Jennifer Morgan, Professor, History and Social and Cultural Analysis
  23. Fred Moten, Professor, Performance Studies
  24. Vasuki Nesiah, Professor of Practice of Human Rights and International Law, Gallatin
  25. Crystal Parikh, Professor, English and Social and Cultural Analysis
  26. Sonya Posmentier, Associate Professor, Department of English
  27. Dean Saranillio, Associate Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis
  28. Helga Tawil-Souri, Associate Professor, Media, Culture and Communication, and Middle East and Islamic Studies.
  29. Andrew Ross, Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis
  30. Molly Nolan, Professor Emeritus, History
  31. Lenora Hanson, Assistant Professor, English
  32. Rebecca E. Karl, Professor, History
  33. Dara Rossman Regaignon, Associate Professor, English
  34. Sara Pursley, Assistant Professor, Department of Middle East and Islamic Studies
  35. Kathy Engel, Associate Arts Professor, Department of Art and Public Policy
  36. John King, Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Professional Studies
  37. Valerie Forman, Associate Professor, Gallatin
  38. Kristin Horton, Associate Professor of Practice, Gallatin
  39. Andrea Gadberry, Associate Professor, Gallatin and Comparative Literature
  40. Sybille Fischer, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
  41. John Archer, Professor, English
  42. Hannah Gurman, Clinical Associate Professor, Gallatin
  43. George Schulman, Professor, Gallatin
  44. Marita Sturken, Professor, Media, Culture and Communication. 
  45. Sara Murphy, Clinical Associate Professor, Gallatin
  46. John Waters, Clinical Associate Professor, Irish Studies
  47. Lisa M. Stulberg, Associate Professor, Sociology of Education
  48. Catherine Coray, Arts Professor, Tisch School of the Arts
  49. Rosalind Fredericks, Associate Professor, Gallatin
  50. Sharon Friedman, Associate Professor, Gallatin
  51. Jim Uleman, Professor, Psychology
  52. Sinclair Thomas, Associate Professor, History
  53. Andrew H. Lee, Curator, Division of Libraries
  54. Barbara Weinstein, Silver Professor, History
  55. Ana Alvarez, Clinical Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Department
  56. Stephen Duncombe, Professor, Gallatin and Media, Culture and Communication
  57. Nasser Abourahme, Faculty Fellow, Kevorkian Center
  58. Avital Ronell, Professor, German and Comparative Literature
  59. Arjun Appadurai, Professor, Media, Culture and Communication
  60. Marita Sturken,  Professor, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication
  61. Mara Mills, Associate Professor, Steinhardt, Media, Culture, and Communication
  62.  Mona El-Ghobashy, Clinical Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies 
  63. Allen Feldman, Professor, Media, Culture and Communication
  64. Dina M Siddiqi, Clinical Associate Professor, Liberal Studies 
  65. David Ludden, Professor, History Department
  66. Nicholas Mirzhoeff, Professor, Media, Culture and Communication
  67. Mercy Agyepong, Assistant Professor, Sociology of Education
  68. Eve Meltzer, Associate Professor, Gallatin
  69. Anna McCarthy, Professor, Cinema Studies
  70. Julie Livingston, Silver Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History
  71. Ali Mirepassi, Albert Gallatin Research Excellence professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.
  72. Manu Goswami, Associate Professor, History
  73. Gwendolyn Alker, Associate Arts Professor, Tisch
  74. Emanuela Bianchi, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
  75. Ann Pellegrini, Professor of Performance Studies & Social and Cultural Analysis 
  76. Jeffrey T. Sammons, Professor, History
  77. Marisa Tramontano, Part-Time Faculty, Gallatin
  78. Lisa Duggan, Professor of Social & Cultural Analysis
  79. Marta Peixoto, Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  80. Andrew Weiner, Assistant Prof, Steinhardt, Art and Art Professions
  81. Jeff Goodwin, Professor of Sociology 
  82. Thomas Bender, University Professor of the Humanities and Professor of History Emeritus
  83. Nizar Habash, Global Network Professor, Tandon School of Engineering
  84. Timothy Reiss, Professor Emeritus, FAS/GSAS, Comparative Literature
  85. Thuy Linh Tu, Professor, Social and Cultural Analysis
  86. Rana Tomaira, Research Scientist and Lecturer, NYUAD
  87. Warren Churchill, Lecturer of Music, NYUAD
  88. Nina Cornyetz, Professor, Gallatin
  89. Zachary Lockman, Professor, Middle East and Islamic Studies
  90. John Linstrom, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, English Department
  91. Sana Odeh, Clinical Professor of Computer Science, NYUAD
  92. Corinne Stokes, Lecturer, Arabic Language, NYUAD
  93. Laura Salma Assaf, Assistant Professor of Arab Crossroads Studies and Anthropology, NYUAD
  94. Laila Familiar, Senior Lecturer of Arabic Language, NYUAD
  95. Justin Stearns, Associate Professor, Arab Crossroads Studies, NYUAD
  96. Nina Katchadourian, Clinical Associate Professor, Gallatin
  97. Shant Melkonian, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Professional Studies
  98. Dipti Desai, Professor of Art and Education
  99. Siddharth Garg, Associate Professor, ECE, Tandon School of Enginering
  100. Ludovic Righetti, Associate Professor, Tandon School of Engineering
  101. Salwa Mikdadi, Associate Professor Practice of Art History, NYU-AD


  1. Rose Asaf, CAS, NYU Nominated Marshall Scholar
  2. Ethan Sapir, NYU Tisch
  3. Tyla Leach, Rory Meyers College of Nursing
  4. Donia Ismail, NYU Abu Dhabi 
  5. Husniye Cogur, Alum
  6. Ben Natan, Gallatin 
  7. Souad Hammami, New York University Abu Dhabi
  8. Doovaraha Maheswarasarma, NYUAD Class of 2020
  9. Scott Manzanares, CAS ‘17
  10. Olivia Brady CAS, Politics and Gender & Sexuality Studies, 2020
  11. Zein Nasser, GLS
  12. Rachel Law, CAS, NYU Washington Square
  13. Rosy Tahan, NYU Abu Dhabi
  14. Mariam Raslan, Alum 
  15. Sydney Reynolds, CAS
  16. Rachel Spang, Steinhardt
  17. Lucas Moura Bender, Student/CAS/Economics/New York
  18. Kayla Bullwinkel, Alum
  19. Mateo Juvera Molina, NYU Abu Dhabi Alumnus
  20. Rose Khan, CAS, Class of 2018
  21. Sara Merg, GLS
  22. Tom Abi Samra, NYU Abu Dhabi
  23. Azam, School of Global Public Health, College of Arts & Science
  24. Kosar Kosar, CAS 
  25. Roudha AlShehhi, NYUAD Department of Social Sciences
  26. Sarah Tahir, NYU Shanghai
  27. Sakshi Gala, NYU Abu Dhabi
  28. Eglė Karpauskaitė, New York University Abu Dhabi
  29. Anel Orazgaliyeva, NYU Abu Dhabi
  30. Hayat Seid, NYU Abu Dhabi
  31. Farah Sadek, NYU Abu Dhabi
  32. Kaashif Hajee, NYU Abu Dhabi
  33. Aya Afaneh, NYUAD
  34. Sarah Jarpe, CAS 2021
  35. Mohammed Mahmud, Tandon, Computer Science
  36. Sherry Wu, NYU Abu Dhabi 
  37. Ivory Lee, NYUAD
  38. Chelsey Sanchez, CAS
  39. Mehrnaz Tiv , Tisch School of the Arts 
  40. Meredith Raymer , Abu Dhabi 
  41. Carrisa Tehputri, New York University Abu Dhabi
  42. Marissa Moxley, CAS, Art History
  43. Sannia Farrukh, NYU Abu Dhabi 
  44. Hala Aqel, NYU Abu Dhabi
  45. Yaman Al Maarawi, NYU Shanghai
  46. Joanne, Working as a Production Manager
  47. Hatim Benhsain, NYUAD
  48. Hunter Peterson, NYUAD 
  49. Haider Ali, NYU Shanghai
  50. Sarah Patt, Steinhardt 
  51. Dylan Brown Gallatin 2021 
  52. Fatima Tariq, Near Eastern Studies
  53. Sydney Fontalvo, NYU Shanghai
  54. Sheelan Mirza, B.S., Global Public Health and Biology, 2021
  55. Maddie Weikel, CAS Sociology and Environmental Studies in NYC
  56. Alicia Christoff, CAS ‘04, Associate Professor of English, Amherst College
  57. Alia ElKattan, NYUAD
  58. Bayan Abubakr, CAS, History
  59. Ifadha Sifar, N/A, NYUAD
  60. Jude, NYUAD
  61. Alejandra Trejo, NYU Abu Dhabi
  62. Lindsay Reckson, CAS ’04, Associate Professor of English, Haverford College
  63. N E, Science, NYUAD
  64. Jorge Maldonado, CAS
  65. Lee Hyun Choi, NYUAD
  66. Simon Seo, NYUAD
  67. Ming Hu , N/A, NYUAD
  68. Theros Wong, Alum/AD/SRPP, NYUAD
  69. Alia Albastaki, Engineering, NYUAD
  70. Orsolya Szantho, Alumna, NYUAD
  71. Sarah AlKaabi, Economics, NYUAD
  72. Olivia Sidoti, BS – APUG – Steinhardt
  73. Hannah Song, Media, Culture and Communications, Steinhardt
  74. JooHee Choi, Alum , NYUAD
  75. Daniah Kheetan, NYUAD
  76. Fatima Faiq , Steinhardt Alumni
  77. Sarah Choh, Gallatin
  78. Shamsah Al Ali, CAS  
  79. Daria Fardanesh, NYU Stern
  80. A H, Stern School of Business
  81. Hadjer Benkraouda, NYU Tandon
  82. Nour Ahmed, NYUAD
  83. Colin Hennessy Elliott, Teaching and Learning (PhD)
  84. Michael Rosenthal, Class of 2019, NYUAD

Students (Graduate)

  1. Romaissaa Benzizoune, GSAS
  2. Hailey Corkery, NYU Law ‘23
  3. Abraham Onifade, Gallatin 
  4. Lucius Lambert, NYU Law
  5. Pamela Martinez, Film student / NYU ABU DHABI
  6. Charlie Muller, Steinhardt – MCC
  7. Emily Moffa, Masters of Public Administration Candidate, NYU Wagner Washington Square Campus
  8. Kathryn Rieber, NYU Silver School of Social Work
  9. Tareq Radi, GSAS/ Department of Social and Cultural Analysis
  10. Olu Demuren, Sociology
  11. Daria Reaven, SCA
  12. Mariana Veras, GSAS Sociology
  13. Frances Hogan, PhD student / Steinhardt
  14. Arundhati Velamur, PhD Student, Steinhardt, Teaching and Learning
  15. Lilly Padia, PhD Student, Steinhardt, Teaching & Learning
  16. Harris Kornstein, PhD candidate, Media, Culture, and Communication
  17. Aseel Alatoom, Mechanical Engineering
  18. Alexandria Ramos, PhD Candidate (GSAS, English and American Literature)
  19. Angela Haddad, GSAS
  20. Anthony Brave, Media, Culture, and Communication
  21. Sam Kellogg, Media, Culture, and Communication
  22. Caroline Bowman, GSAS Philosophy
  23. Salma Shamel, MCC
  24. ken iiyoshi, Tandon School Of Engineering
  25. Megan Wiessner, Steinhardt, Media, Culture, and Communication
  26. Natalie May, Steinhardt/Applied Psychology
  27. Ciara Taylor, NYU Law

Students (Undergraduate)

  1. Cam Levin, Tisch
  2. Arin Edelstein, College of Arts and Science, department of Social and Cultural Analysis
  3. Nour Obeidallah, School of Professional Studies
  4. John Kallas, Department of Middle East and Islamic Studies
  5. Mariam Elgamal, Engineering Student
  6. Sarah Ahmad, College of Arts and Science, Public Policy and Urban Design/Architecture Studies, Student
  7. Pallavi Komma, Steinhardt
  8. Muhammad Aziz, NYU CAS
  9. Schuylar Johns, Tisch Drama
  10. Catherine Ramya Johnson, Tisch Drama, Experimental Theatre Wing
  11. Sean A. Nesmith, CAS
  12. Suhyla Behiry, Gallatin
  13. Cecilia Innis, Gallatin
  14. Hassaan Qazi, Tandon
  15. Karishma Chari, CAS
  16. Abigail McConnell, Silver
  17. Zoe Vongtau, Gallatin
  18. Raibena Raita, College of Arts & Science
  19. Eva Bruckner, Gallatin/New York
  20. Fatima Rahim, Gallatin/NYC
  21. India Williams, Washington Square CAS
  22. Rocio Fabbro, Student/CAS/International relations and journalism/Washington Square
  23. Madi Wine, Tisch Film and TV
  24. Tammy Piravej, Steinhardt
  25. Aurora Ghorab , CAS — WSP
  26. Karla Gaibor, CAS
  27. Diana Levy, CAS
  28. Ron Hall, CAS
  29. Samaa Khullar, CAS
  30. Nour Habbash, Steinhardt
  31. Piero, College of Arts and Sciences
  32. Mina Mohammadi, NYU Politics and Data Science
  33. Ashley Webb, Steinhardt
  34. Hannah Young, Gallatin
  35. Niru Kumar, College of Arts and Sciences
  36. Elijah Smith , CAS
  37. Lin Mo, Undergrad/CAS/ES/WSP
  38. Laila Kayyali, Steinhardt – MCC
  39. Gonzalo Appiani, CAS, 2023
  40. Okira, NYU Steinhardt
  41. Mandie Montes, College of Arts and Science
  42. Dylan Campana, CAS
  43. Tristán Queriot Rodríguez Vélez, Gallatin
  44. Salma Malhas, Tisch school of the Arts
  45. Anthony Cruz, Steinhardt Department of Applied Statistics, Social Sciences, and Humanities
  46. Rayhan Kandri, Tisch
  47. Linda Bessai , College of Arts and Sciences
  48. Andrea Morinigo , NYU Steinhardt And rt department
  49. Mehnaz Halima, CAS
  50. Cassi Quayson, Gallatin
  51. Brenna Gonzalez, Tisch film
  52. Amira Farag , Gallatin
  53. Margot Sibson, Tisch
  54. Anna Keating, Tisch
  55. Wendy Juarez , NYU CAS
  56. Sky Zeno, College of the Arts and Sciences
  57. Reham Perry, CAS/Middle Eastern Studies/NYC
  58. Eman Elnour Mustafa, Steinhardt / School of Public Health
  59. Nabiha Qadir, CAS, NYU Washington Square
  60. Julia Cometa, CAS
  61. Zaya Lazaro, Tisch 
  62. Ava Martinez, NYU Tisch Drama
  63. Jen Curran, Senior/CAS/English/NYC
  64. Jonathan Cruz, NYU Tisch
  65. Safiatu Diagana, NYU Rory Meyers School of Nursing
  66. Melina Rabin, Tisch 
  67. Jamile Muñoz, CAS, Politics and Public Policy, NYC
  68. Nina Osoria Ahmadi, Gallatin
  69. Hannah Haydinger , student/food studies and nutrition/manhattan 
  70. Laila Kayyali Steinhardt – MCC
  71. Maya Masadeh , Gallatin / NYU New York
  72. Melissa Naxi, NYU Steinhardt
  73. Tori Husain, Gallatin
  74. Carlos Hernandez, Tisch Photo
  75. Claudia, Steinhardt
  76. Ananda Long, Tisch Dramatic Writing
  77. Myriam Bekkoucha, NYUAD
  78. Jianna Jackson, NYU AD Philosophy
  79. Andrew Riad, NYU AD LitCW
  80. Gabriella Allan , NYUAD Art History / Gender Studies / Arab Crossroads
  81. Vatsa Singh, NYUAD
  82. Ahmad Salous, NYUAD Computer Engineering
  83. Pamela Martinez, SRPP and Film / Abu Dhabi
  84. Andrijana Pejchinovska, NYUAD
  85. Ziad Mohamed AbdelFattah Hassan, NYUAD
  86. Mahmood AlQadi, NYUAD Social Sciences/Economics
  87. Vatsa Singh, NYUAD
  88. Sarah Al-Towaity, NYUAD
  89. Ilayda Ozdemir, NYUAD
  90. Atib Jawad Zion, NYUAD
  91. Chinonyerem Ukaegbu, NYUAD
  92. Zharmakhan Nurkhanuly, NYUAD
  93. Nuha Azhar, NYUAD Psychology
  94. Paula Mora, NYUAD Biology
  95. Nada Reda El Kharbotly, NYUAD
  96. Afraah Shaikh, NYUAD
  97. Sabrina Choudhary, Gallatin
  98. agasha irving, Tisch
  99. Lydia Pamudji , Gallatin
  100. Yasmarie Diaz, Steinhardt
  101. Catherine Xue, Gallatin School Of Individualized Study
  102. Alexandra Chan, CAS History
  103. Hazel Sher-Kisch, Social and Cultural Analysis, CAS
  104. Amina Chace, CAS
  105. Ama Sarpomaa, Gallatin
  106. Hazel Sher-Kisch, Social and Cultural Analysis, CAS
  107. Zarah O, Bachelors of Science
  108. Rafa Saa , Tandon
  109. Peiyuan Lo, CAS and Wagner
  110. Jonghyun Jee, Interactive Media Arts, NYU-Shanghai
  111. Cadence Cheah, NYUAD
  112. Bruna Araujo Pereira, NYU AD

Over 125 additional students from NYU Abu Dhabi campus signing  anonymously

NYU Staff and Workers

  1. Lisa Coe, Research Technician
  2. Tala Hammash, NYUAD
  3. Salelaye Samoura, NYU ABU DHABI Admissions
  4. Tala Nassar, Curatorial Fellow/NYUAD Art Gallery/NYUAD
  5. Zachary Shellenberger, The Writing Program, NYU Abu Dhabi
  6. Sarah Daakour, ERB
  7. Melisa Denirovic, Research Fellow, NYUAD
  8. Sarah Sahloul , Research Assistant/NYUAD/Engineering 
  9. Reem Buhazza, NYU Abu Dhabi, Campus Life 
  10. Amnah Alzahmi, Research Assistant
  11. Karima Raafat, Psychology Department, NYUAD
  12. Aieshah, Assistant Writing Instructor

Student Organizations (NYUNY)

  1. Student Labor Action Movement
  2. Jewish Voice for Peace
  3. NYU Young Democratic Socialists of America
  4. The Black Student Union

Student Organizations (NYUAD)

  1. Students for Justice in Palestine, NYUAD
  2. weStem (Women in STEM), NYUAD
  3. Latinoamérica Student Interest Group, NYUAD
  4. Muslim Students Association, NYUAD
  5. Arab Culture Club, NYUAD
  6. Ecoherence, NYUAD
  7. Model United Nations Society, NYUAD

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